Our Services

We specialize in automatic transmission repair and automatic gearbox repair services in Malaysia. While you’re there, let us get you to know how services you may need, which includes the following items:

Auto Transmission

• Gearbox repair, rebuilding and refitting
• Clutch replacement
• Replacement of Valve body and mechatronic
• Checking on Soleniod funtionality
• Auto Transmission fluid flushing and replacement
• Computer Diagnostic and fault troubleshooting
• Professional advise on maintenance

Torque Converter

• To check on the auto tranmission fluid pressure in the convertor
• To check the turbine funtionality
• To repair and to rebuild Torque Convertor


• To run electronics diagnostic on the vehile systems to determine electronics fault
• To pin point fault based on diagnostic
• To rectify problems identified


• We provide engine oil change service
• We provide 15 point check
• Ability to do minor repair or replacement on brake pads, absorbers, spark plugs, plug coils, gaskets and etc.

Computerized diagnostic

• Current vehicles models comes with sophisticated electronics systems and we provide diagnostic service to determine accurate analysis on the performance of the vehicle.

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