Our Background

In PRND Transmission we generally offer a complete service on auto transmission problems , ranging from Japanese cars to continental cars.

We provide procedure from doing a simple diagnostic test to dismantling, rebuilding and refitting an auto transmission unit and we also rebuild Torque Convertors for auto transmission. We also provide our expertise advise on auto transmission maintenance and all of our rebuilding units, we offer a warranty of one (1) year, subject to terms and conditions.

Our objective is to have your vehicle unit up and running at the shortest possible time as our technicians have the experience and ability to do so.

Our team of professional technicians has had countless experience working with continental and Asian vehicle models, therefore here at PRND Auto Transmission, we are competent enough to offer you a solution for any kind of automatic transmission problems that you face, as we do invest and always updating our technology systems to cater for today’s advance vehicles.

PRND Long Term Mission

Mission Is To Established ‘PRND’ As The Largest Automatic Transmission Repair & Rebuild Specialist In Malaysia and S.E.A.

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